Britain's Got Talent's Richard Jones hits back over 'copycat' claims

Richard Jones

Britain's Got Talent's Richard Jones has hit back at claims he 'copied' his semi-final performance.

The magician topped the public vote in the week after wowing the judges with a trick involving Amanda Holden's autobiography.

But some viewers pointed out the similarities between Richard's trick and one performed on America's Got Talent by Collins Key back in 2013.

In his act, Collins also brought along an autobiography from one of the judges and also asked the members of the panel to pick a random page and read the first word.

There were some differences however, with Collins' reveal coming in the form of an envelope that he had asked one of the judges to sit on while Richard had the missing page in a glass bottle.

Collins told The Sun newspaper about Richard's performance: "It is flattering when another performer imitates my work. I have worked hard to create a unique innovative style that elevates our art to new heights and to create something that has a meaningful connection with my audience.

"That being said, I will leave the decision of whether it is right or wrong, what Richard Jones is doing, to the BGT judges and even more importantly to the public."

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine about the claims, Richard defended himself.

"In terms of it being similar to some other magicians, all magicians perform very similar effects, but it’s their own personal take on the effect that matters, they adapt it and make it their own," he explained.

Richard revealed: "The roots of some of the tricks that I did on the semi-finals stem back hundreds of years and I have adapted them and made them more modern for our public and it’s a bit like a singer singing her own version of a song or a dancer doing her own style of dance."

So there you go!

The so-called controversy doesn't appear to have done Richard any harm in any case: He's the favourite to win in Saturday's BGT final, which airs on ITV from 7:30PM.

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