The Togni Brothers suffer a SLIP during their Britain's Got Talent 2016 semi-final performance

Simon Cowell steps in to halt David Walliams's risqué comments

Togni Brothers

The Togni Brothers shocked the Britain's Got Talent 2016 audience by suffering a FALL during their live semi-final performance - while David Walliams's comments landed him in hot water with Simon Cowell.

Circus performers Michael, 21, and Dario, 20, wowed the studio with another display of their incredible acrobatic skills.

However, midway through their 'foot-juggling' routine, a slip caused the pair to tumble off their pedestal - with Amanda Holden launching herself out of her seat in shock.

Their performance was still impressive given that they missed three weeks of rehearsals after Dario injured himself, and it was met with praise from the judges.

"That’s what happens on live TV sometimes, a dangerous act can go wrong," Simon commented. "It made you human, and in a weird way it made the act more exciting. I thought the whole production was a step up from the first audition."

However, David - who's become known for fawning over hunky men on the show - had to be interrupted by Simon when his review entered risqué territory.

"It’s an incredible act and the stumble just showed how hard it is," said the comedian. "I’ve got a question for you, have you got bruises on your bottom?"

Dario insisted he didn't, and David went a step further: "Is it better to be on the top or the bottom in this act?"

Not happy with the line of questioning on what was supposed to be a family-friendly show, Simon interjected: "David, no. No, no, no, no."

"It's the bruising issue!" David exclaimed, but Simon continued repeating 'no' until he eventually gave up.

Earlier in the evening the Deep Space Deviants became the first act to be buzzed off stage in this year's live shows.

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