Togni Brother suffers torn muscle ahead of Britain's Got Talent 2016 semi-final performance

Injury left circus performers unable to rehearse for three weeks

Togni Brothers

The Togni Brothers have been hit by an injury that left them unable to rehearse their Britain's Got Talent 2016 semi-final performance for THREE WEEKS, it's been revealed.

The circus duo, 21-year-old Michael and 20-year-old Dario, wowed the judges at the auditions with their acrobatic foot-juggling, and they're set to return for tonight's live show.

However, according to the Radio Times, they have suffered a setback after Dario ripped one of his back muscles during a recent performance.

He had to have therapy, leaving him out of action for three weeks - and they were only able to resume practise for their looming appearance on live TV last week.

"I think we're ready," Michael told the TV magazine. "We do get injured quite a lot. It's normal for us. Dario broke my rib once during a performance. We missed a trick - which we're going to be doing tonight, actually!"

Michael is also concerned about loud noise in the studio, as the brothers' act relies on them being able to hear each others' cues.

Although they can work with backing music, he reckons applause from the studio audience could be a problem.

"It can be quite dangerous because I have to talk a lot, I have to say where to go and what to to," Michael commented. "It sometimes happens that if the music is too loud he won't hear me.

"We'll see with the crowd... that could be a thing."

The last semi-final of the series airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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