BGT's Jack Higgins' dance teacher is Big Brother's Grace, and she's NOT happy

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BGT's Jack Higgins' dance teacher has spoken out after his elimination from the live shows.

The young ballet performer was voted out of the contest on Tuesday night in favour of Simon Cowell's golden buzzer act Boogie Storm.

It didn't leave a lot of viewers impressed, even if it was the public vote that ultimately decided the outcome.

One of those who has been left annoyed is Jack's dance teacher who happens to be none other than former Big Brother housemate Grace Adams-Short, who appeared alongside Nikki Grahame in Big Brother 7.

She said today: "It's supposed to be a talent show, but last night that wasn't recognised and instead a bunch of men dancing mediocrely in Stormtrooper outfits were chosen over a boy with raw natural talent."

Referring to the judges' vote, which was split, Grace added: "I think people can see that Amanda just agrees with anything Simon does and in our case that proved costly as Simon was always going to stick with his Golden Buzzer act.

"They're hardly going to vote against their Golden Buzzer act are they? They'd look like idiots if they did and I believe that's why Jack was overshadowed."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Grace revealed that Jack had been comforted by David Walliams following the live show.

She explained: "Jack was gracious in defeat and was comforted by David who has been so supportive of him throughout the whole process.

"After the live show he even jokingly told Jack that he'd be helping to count the Wildcard votes and hoping that he wins it."

Yes, Jack's future on BGT isn't over just yet with the public getting to vote for a wild card act from the third place finishers in the week's semi-finals.

The judges will also be picking a wild card from all of the semi-finalists who didn't make it straight into this Saturday's grand final.

Will Jack be either of them? Stay tuned...