Wait, did Britain's Got Talent's Richard Jones copy his trick from America's Got Talent?

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Richard Jones has been accused of copying his amazing Britain's Got Talent semi-final performance.

The magician wowed us and the judges last night with a trick involving Amanda Holden's autobiography.

He had asked Alesha Dixon to pick a random page out of the book and then read the first word.

Richard went on to stun the judges by revealing the very page had been magically ripped out in font of their eyes and placed in a glass bottle which was sat on the judges' desk from the beginning of the trick.

But some viewers have pointed out the similarities between Richard's trick and one performed on America's Got Talent by Collins Key back in 2013.

Completely unfamiliar with the act, we looked it up - you can watch it yourself in he video below - and can see where the accusations come from.

In his act, Collins also brings along an autobiography from one of the judges and also asks the members of the panel to pick a random page and read the first word.

There are some differences however, with Collins' reveal coming in the form of an envelope that he had asked one of the judges to sit on.

It's not the first time that Richard has been accused of 'stealing' tricks.

Debbie McGee, widow of TV magician Paul Daniels, claimed earlier this year that Richard had taken his original audition trick from her late husband.

However a show source pointed out that the similarities were "purely coincidental" and explained: "The origins of this trick stretch back to the 1930s, a long time before Paul Daniels performed it so it is unfair to say Richard has copied or stolen this trick."

Similar tricks aside, there's certainly no doubting Richard's skills and we can't wait to see what he has planned for the final this Saturday.

Can Richard become the first magician to win Britain's Got Talent?

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