Tonight's Britain's Got Talent 2016 RESULTS: Wayne Woodward, Alex Magala through to final

Who topped the Britain's Got Talent vote in Monday's second semi-final?

Wayne Woodward on Britain's Got Talent 2016

Wayne Woodward and Alex Magala became the next two acts to win places in the Britain's Got Talent 2016 final in tonight's thrilling live show.

Crooner Wayne went straight through after topping the viewer vote, leaving the judges to choose between the other top three acts, sword-swallower Alex and dancers Shannon and Peter.

David Walliams and Alesha Dixon both voted for Alex, reasoning that they'd prefer to see the more unique act again.

Amanda Holden went "with her heart" and sided with Shannon and Peter, leaving Simon Cowell to again cast the deciding vote.

However, this time he opted not to create a tie, instead backing Alex. "I have to give it to the person that’s prepared to risk their life," he said.

The full results leaderboard was as follows:

Britain's Got Talent semi-final two results

1. Wayne Woodward (won public vote)

2. Alex Magala (won judges' vote)
3. Shannon and Peter (lost judges' vote)

4. Rachael Wooding
5. Another Kind of Blue
6. The Garnett Family
7. Mythical PSM
8. Anne and Ian Marshall
9. Vitaly Voronko

David's Golden Buzzer couple Ian and Anne Marshall were first to take to the stage, leaving the funnyman "completely overcome" - but an unimpressed Simon joked: "The audience were only on their feet because they were trying to leave."

Vitaly Voronko fared even worse, with Simon, Amanda and Alesha all hitting their buzzers - making him the first act to be buzzed in this year's live shows.

There was positive feedback for the rest-of the line-up, including the singers. Alesha said Wayne's performance felt "effortless", and told theatre star Rachael Wooding she "really sang with power like a true diva".

Amanda, meanwhile, said of the Garnett Family: "Vocally it was so strong. I love the unity that you’ve got together."

The dancers also wowed the judges, with Amanda "choking up" at Shannon and Peter's beautiful ballet routine.

Street dance trio Mythical PSM won praise from Alesha and Simon for improving on their audition - the latter claiming they were "a thousand times" better - while David described Another Kind of Blue as "artistic, classy and beautiful".

The most shocking moment of the night came from Alex, whose performance was pre-recorded for 'health and safety reasons'. The Moldovan was suspended in mid-air from one of the swords he'd swallowed and climbed a 12ft pole - only to almost drop himself on to a bed of working drills.

His display left Simon gasping. "What is there to say after that? You were about to puncture yourself a hundred times!" the mogul exclaimed. "No one has risked their life more on this show and for that I have to congratulate you."

Britain's Got Talent 2016 continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV with nine more hopefuls doing their all to impress the public.

They are Flying Bebop, Jack Higgins, Josh Curnow, Khronos Agoria, Morgan Connie Smith, Richard Jones, Vadik & The Bear, Zyrah Rose, and Simon's Golden Buzzer act Boogie Storm.