Alex Magala's 'suicidal' performance on Britain's Got Talent shocks viewers

Alexandr Magala's 'suicidal' performance on Britain's Got Talent 2016 tonight left people covering their eyes.

The sword swallower appeared in tonight's live semi-final however his act was actually pre-recorded for health and safety reasons.

The fact it went out on air meant it obviously went to plan which took away some of the drama but it was still heart in mouth stuff.

"It's like watching the most horrific horror movie of all time but I want to see part two!" commented Amanda Holden.

Alex began his performance by swallowing a sword attached to a rope before being lifted above the stage, then dropping back to the stage as the sword stayed in the air.

Continuing, Alex blindfolded himself before climbing up a 12ft poll as rotating drills were placed at the bottom.

Alex then dropped quickly down, stopping just inches from the spinning spikes.

Afterwards, Simon Cowell reacted: "What am I supposed to say after that? I can't say it was good because you were about to punctuate yourself 100 times.

"I think you are certifiably mad but at the same time, no one has risked their life more on this show in all the years that I've done it... why are you doing this?!"

26-year-old Alex, who is originally from Moldova, told Simon: "With my act I want to let people know to not be afraid to pursue their dreams!"

Prompting Simon to reply: "What about a walk in the park?!"

Viewers watching were equally stunned with one writing: "This is basically attempted suicide #BGT"

Britain's Got Talent continues nightly on ITV with the final this Saturday evening.

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