Who's on Britain's Got Talent 2016 tonight? Monday's second semi final line up

Tonight's Britain's Got Talent 2016 contestants semi-final line up

Who's on Britain's Got Talent 2016 tonight? See the contestants on this evening's second Semi final line up, airing Monday night on ITV from 7:30PM.

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Alexandr Magala

Talent: Sword swallowing
Odds: 66/1

Alexandr Magala promises to be the most dangerous act yet on Britain's Got Talent.

The 26-year-old is a professional sword swallower, an occupation we're sure school careers advisers don't cover.

Originally from Moldova, Alexandr is currently living and performing in America.

"I did many Got Talent shows around the world, America, France, Russia, I won Russia, and Mexico," he revealed in the audition show. "The first show I seen was Britain's Got Talent, it made me so inspiring, it made me who I am."

He declared: "Tonight I'm going to show something the judges and audience have never seen before."

Alex told cameras that he's been practising his act since a teenager while his parents were asleep because they - completely understandably, to be fair - weren't too keen on it.

"Sometimes there's your blood or breakfast on the floor," Alex said giving WAAAAY TMI.

"I'm not really sure the Queen can handle what I do," he added.

Before his audition, Alexandr warned: "My act is very dangerous, everything has to be perfect, the smallest mistake will cost me my life. "

And he told the judges: "I'm pretty much risking my life in front of you guys."

The audition turned out to be one of the most dangerous acts ever seen on the show and the performance left the judges and audience both terrified and thoroughly entertained.

After taking some time to relax, the judges gave Alex four yeses through to the next round as he teased that the audition was just a "warm up".

We're not sure we want to know what he's got planned for the live shows tonight...

Tonight's Britain's Got Talent 2016 live semi-final airs at 7:30PM tonight on ITV.

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