Britain's Got Talent's best animal act? Simon Cowell ranks them all...

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has ranked Britain's Got Talent's best animal acts and Number One is a bit of a surprise.

Dog acts have won two of the nine series so far and could well triumph again this year with singing dog Ruby and dancing pooch Trip Hazard.

But neither of those acts made Simon Cowell's top five, and in fact neither of the two previous winners make Number 1.

Ranking the various animal acts from the past ten years, Simon began: "Pudsey is number one. Number two is the dog who sang to crazy frog. Then the dog who played snooker but didn’t.

"Jules and Matisse and the three-legged dog I liked as well."

However the BGT boss ended up changing his mind: "Actually do you know what? Everyone comes down a place, at number one is the dog who burst balloons, Cally, from last year’s series. That was the dog I liked the most, so he’s number one.

"I loved that dog and it was such a stupid act but it made me laugh."

Giving his definitive ranking, Simon concluded: "Ok, bursting balloons number one, Pudsey number two, hypno-dog number three, Jules four and the dog who sang crazy frog, actually six, the dog who didn’t play the guitar but tried to."

Britain's Got Talent continues this Saturday with the last of the auditions while the live semi-finals begin just a day later on Sunday evening.

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