Britain's Got Talent 2016 results recap: Who impressed the judges in week six?

Latest show includes dancing drones and a song about a bus

David Forest on Britain's Got Talent 2016

It was singers and dancers galore in the penultimate round of Britain's Got Talent 2016 auditions tonight, with just one week to go until the first live show.

With no more Golden Buzzers available after Simon Cowell gave his to the dancing stormtroopers, this week's acts will have to hope their performances were impressive enough for them to make it through the looming deliberation round.

Among the singers were hunky Josh Curnow, who was jokingly BUZZED by David Walliams before he even began, and mother-daughter duo Anna and Fia.

Dancers included a male troupe Amanda Holden described as 'theatrical', and a duo whose routine featured flying DRONES - while variety came courtesy of spinning pole dancer Saulo Sarmiento and comedian Council Joe.

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The Yesses

Mythical PSM (4 yesses) - Miguel, David and Stephan did get four yesses for their humorous dance routine, but it wasn't all praise from the judges. "You're not the best dance group we've ever seen, but you've got personality and character," said Simon, while Alesha Dixon described them as the "Reggie n Bollie of dance".

Mythical PSM on Britain's Got Talent 2016
Mythical PSM on Britain's Got Talent 2016

Saulo Sarmiento (4 yesses) - Saulo caught everyone's eyes with his six-pack, and then wowed the crowd with his pole-dancing - which he performed on a pole that was suspended in the air. "It was so beautiful and graceful," cooed Amanda, with Simon adding: "If I could score this, it would be a ten. Everything about it was immaculate."

Khronos Agoria (3 yesses) - This group of male contemporary dancers was praised for their "insane energy" by Alesha. "You are a real force. It feels like a piece of theatre," Amanda said.

Josh Curnow (4 yesses) - After getting buzzed in jest by David for revealing he had a girlfriend, full-time singer Josh - who was discouraged from pursuing a career in music at school - won rave reviews for his piano rendition of Green Day's 'Basket Case'. "You've got a lovely quality to your voice," said the funnyman, while Simon remarked that his teacher "obviously didn't know what he was talking about".

Chloe Fenton (4 yesses) - 10-year-old schoolgirl Chloe owned the stage with an energetic dance routine set to Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary'. David observed that her "personality shone through", and Alesha noted that she had the audience "in the palm of her hand".

Morgan Smith on Britain's Got Talent 2016
Morgan Smith on Britain's Got Talent 2016

Morgan Smith (4 yesses) - Morgan, 16, had to work doubly hard to win over the judges after Simon stopped her performance of Jennifer Hudson's 'Spotlight'. She switched to Etta James's 'I'd Rather Go Blind' for a second shot, and thankfully managed to win him over. "That wasn't the best audition, but I think you're really good - one of the better singers we've heard this year," he said.

David Forest (3 yesses) - David performed a self-written song that he felt was fit for royalty - about his local Number 19 bus. A fed-up Simon hit his buzzer, and as the song went on longer and longer he was left holding his head in despair - but the other three judges gave David enough yesses for him to make the next round.

Deja Vu (4 yesses) - Glaswegian dance crew Deja View caused an earthquake on stage with their whopping 47 members - and it bowled over the panel. "There's such a good vibe about you, you can tell that you're all so close," Amanda smiled.

Flying Bebop (4 yesses) - London duo Nadia and Gavin showed off their innovative dance routine, which incorporated drones. "I loved it, I loved that they were dancing with you. It's very refreshing!" said Alesha, though Simon suggested that they should have included some aliens too.

Anna and Fia (4 yesses) - Anna and her daughter Fia only begun singing together shortly before their BGT audition, but they were met with a standing ovation after their version of Barbra Streisand's 'Tell Him'. "It really was incredibly emotional from the first note," David commented, and Alesha added: "The hairs on my arms stood up. That was incredible."

Topaz on Britain's Got Talent 2016
Topaz on Britain's Got Talent 2016

The Nos

Topaz (2 nos) - Tony and Patsy celebrated their 41-year marriage by singing Ellie Goulding's 'How Long Will I Love You', but Alesha and Simon quickly fell out of love with the couple's vocals and hit their buzzers. After Topaz shared an awkwardly long smooch, Simon described the performance as "like a cat dragging its claws down a blackboard".

Council Joe (4 nos) - Community worker Council Joe, a.k.a. Michael, went out on stage with a high-vis jacket and a litter picker hoping to be the first comedian to win BGT - but the judges decided his jokes were rubbish. "I used to cut flowers... I gave up, there was no fuchsia in it!" was our favourite.

Veena (4 nos) - Veena's hopes of singing stardom were dashed when she was buzzed off during her wobbly rendition of West Side Story's 'I'm So Pretty'. "You do look pretty, you just don't sound pretty," Alesha told her.

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