Josh Curnow's Britain's Got Talent audition doesn't go quite to plan...

Heartthrob Josh Curnow doesn’t just impress David Walliams with his voice on Britain's Got Talent this weekend.

26-year-old Josh from Cornwall is a singer-songwriter and performs a cover of Basket Case by Green Day.

But his audition starts off badly when David buzzes him BEFORE the performance when Josh mentions he has a girlfriend in the audience.

"Off, off, get off!" jokes David.

"You lucky, lucky cow," he tells Josh's girlfriend.

Josh then offers: "You can try David, you can come up here if you want, we can tango."

But Simon Cowell warns: "I really wouldn't go there."

Let's hope it will only be that one buzzer that Josh gets on BGT, as he heads over to the piano to perform for the judges.

Another - VERY different - act on this weekend's BGT is 'extreme pole dancer' Saulo Sarmiento.

The topless, hunky performer impresses with an aerial pole act, twisting and stretching above the stage while swinging on a moving pole.

"Blimey!" comments Dec from the sidelines as Saulo performs the splits mid air, holding on to the pole with just the one hand and no safety net.

"Wow! That's impressive," agrees Ant, as the live audience cheer.

After last week's show, all five of the golden buzzers are gone and so the remaining contestants have to get at least three of the judges on board to make it through to the next round.

Watch all of the auditions and see who gets through when Britain's Got Talent 2016 continues Saturday night on ITV at 8 PM

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