Britain's Got Talent 2016: Simon Cowell SLAMMED for 'rubbish' golden buzzer


Simon Cowell's golden buzzer choice on Britain's Got Talent has sparked a bit of a backlash.

Last night we saw Simon back Boogie Storm: A bunch of dancing Stormtroopers.

The group performed a surprising upbeat dance routine to songs including Sax, Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) and Single Ladies.

"It's no surprise that the real life Darth Vader voted for his troops," David Walliams reacted as Simon hit the buzzer, sending the performers straight through to the live semi-finals

Simon concluded: "The dark side has taken over."

However viewers reckon that Simon got it wrong.

VERY wrong.

Rather the the dancing Star Wars characters, many suggested singer Rachael Wooding should have got the golden buzzer from the boss.

Rachael had wowed the judges with a cover of With You from Ghost and got four yeses through to the next round.

On our Facebook page, Kerry wrote: "Not worth golden buzzer but good lady singing should have had buzzer amazing."

Pamela agreed: "Stupid Simon got it soon wrong," while Anne described the group as "average dancers".

Aaron said of Rachael: "She should have gotten the golden buzzer. Absolutely amazing!!"

On Twitter, people were even more vocal, with one posting to David and Simon: "IM SO MAD AT HIM. RACHEL SHOULD OF GOT THE GOLDEN BUZZER. IM SURE THE QUEEN WONT WANT TO SEE THAT"

While it's nice to finally have one golden buzzer that is NOT a singing act we do think Simon's choice is a bit strange.

The act was definitely fun but we're not too sure it was quite golden buzzer worthy and ith the surprise element gone, Boogie Storm may struggle in the live shows.

However we're not ruling them out!

What did you make of Simon Cowell's golden buzzer choice? Tell us in the comments below!

Britain's Got Talent 2016 continues next weekend with more auditions on ITV.

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