Britain's Got Talent 2016 week five results recap: Davros, dancing stormtroopers and a polar bear

Who made it through to the next round in the latest episode?

ANNE KLINGE on Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent's fifth round of auditions tonight came with a sci-fi twist, as acts based on Doctor Who's Davros and the Star Wars stormtroopers appeared before the judges.

A massive dancing polar bear failed to impress Alesha Dixon, while David Walliams had a rather pained look on his face during one hopeful's EDM-inspired version of Nessun Dorma.

But there was plenty of praise for a slapstick magician, a family singing group and an impressionist duo - while we now know the fifth and final contestant going straight to the live shows after Simon Cowell used his Golden Buzzer.

Here's a full rundown of all the results from the latest episode!

The Yesses

The Deep Space Deviants (3 yesses) - We don't know what possessed Paul Dolman to turn up dressed as Davros from Doctor Who and perform Love Shack, but it was so utterly random that it was amazing. "I’d expect to see this kind of act on The Voice!" joked David - but Simon wasn't a fan and hit his buzzer.

VADIK & THE BEAR on Britain's Got Talent
VADIK & THE BEAR on Britain's Got Talent

Vadik & The Bear (3 yesses) - Simon did however approve of Belarusian entertainer Vadik and his giant dancing polar bear (although at times it looked more like it was wobbling than dancing). This time it was Alesha who buzzed, incredulously telling Amanda Holden: "What’s happened to you?! It just did not work for me!"

Tumar KR (4 yesses) - This self-taught dance quartet from Kyrgyzstan wowed with their robotic dance routine, and had us wincing when one of them twisted their torso almost a full 180 degrees. "It was amazing… I don’t believe that you’re humans though!" Amanda remarked.

Anna Klinge (4 yesses) - Anna's unusual take on puppetry saw her tell the tale of two lovebirds using her feet - and it thrilled the audience so much that they got on their own feet to applaud her. "We like to see things we’ve never seen before, and that was better than I thought it would be," Simon said.

The Garnett Family (4 yesses) - Mother Helen and her daughters Rachel, Anna and Abigail threw themselves in at the deep end by making BGT their first ever performance in front of an audience, but their rendition of Jess Glynne's 'Take Me Home' won them rave reviews. There was an awkward moment when Simon questioned Helen's involvement, until he added: "And then you hit that note, and I went, 'now I know why you are in the group'."

THE MIMIC MEN on Britain's Got Talent
THE MIMIC MEN on Britain's Got Talent

Scott and Muriel (4 yesses) - Scott's slapstick magic act saw him perform a traditional sawing-a-woman-in-half trick with a mannequin of his wife Muriel, which kept falling to bits. Just when it appeared the performance was over, Alesha buzzed him - but she changed her mind when the model turned in to the real Muriel, and they left with four yesses. "I loved it because it’s proper variety, it’s old school," Amanda commented.

The Mimic Men (4 yesses) - Comedy duo Alfie Joey and Cal Harbert impressed with their A-Z of celebrity impressions, which ranged from Joe Pasquale to Natalie Cassidy and Scooby Doo to Breaking Bad. Simon praised their "good chemistry", and Alesha grinned: "My mouth is hurting from laughing!"

RachAel Wooding (4 yesses) - Bubbly former musical theatre actress and new mum Rachael - who appeared in We Will Rock You at the same theatre where she auditioned for BGT - won a standing ovation from the judges for her rendition of 'With You' from the musical Ghost. David described it as "absolutely faultless", while Simon gushed: "That was the most beautiful version of the song I’ve ever heard."

Boogie Storm (Simon's Golden Buzzer) - These six dancers dressed as stormtroopers from the Star Wars films didn't utter a single word throughout their entire audition - but their performance of iconic pop music routines as Psy's 'Gangnam Style' and Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' delighted Simon and even earned his Golden Buzzer.

"I don’t know who you are, but I literally said if we can find stormtroopers who can dance - seriously, I said that - this show is gonna go in to a different league," he told them. "My dream has come true. Thank you!"

BOOGIE STORM on Britain's Got Talent
BOOGIE STORM on Britain's Got Talent

The Nos

Clyde Parry (4 nos) - Clyde's wife convinced him to audition for BGT, so she may have been in the doghouse after his uptempo version of Nessun Dorma got him buzzed off stage. "I wanted to bring it up to date," said the Southport singer, with David retorting: "People have been saying for years it needs to be brought right up to date. If only it had a dance beat!"

Mohamed Jalloh (4 nos) - Mohamed hoped his 80s and 90s-inspired dance routine would win the judges over, but they all ended up reaching for their buzzers, and Simon was even left holding his head in his hands.

Diederick Schmull (3 nos) - Retired stockbroker Rick played a piano ode to his cat Miaow Miaow accompanied by a photo slideshow - but it left Simon in stitches. "It was like a cat was walking on the piano!" the mogul laughed. Although Rick received three buzzes, he at least got one yes from Amanda.

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