The Mimic Men on Britain's Got Talent: The best impressionists yet?!

The Mimic Men may be the best impressionists Britain's Got Talent has ever seen.

And with there being two of them it means a LOT of impressions!

The Mimic Men are made up of Alfie Joey (48) and Cal Halbert (22), who are a comedy double act.

These best friends from Newcastle could be the new Ant and Dec.

Alfie revealed to the cameras before their audition on tonight's show "From the age about 3 I'm told I would do comedy."

He previously trained to be a priest with Dec's brother and was then a monk for 15 years before moving into stand up comedy.

Cal meanwhile is an optician but much prefers being on stage.

The pair said they were "feeling terrified" of their BGT audition and admitted: "Today is a massive opportunity, it's that dynamite plunger, you don't know where it's going to go."

For their act, the impressionists offered up the A-Z of impressions, which ranged from Jonathan Ross and Lord Sugar to Kevin Spacey and Natalie Cassidy, as well as Barack Obama, Shaggy, Scooby Doo and Yoda.

"It was such a random collection of people it was wonderful, it was genius," said Amanda Holden.

And the other judges were equally enthusiastic about the performance, leaving The Mimic Men with four yeses through to the next round.

Other acts on this evening's show included magician Scott Nelson, a 50 year old performer originally from California

He performed a classic 'saw a lady in half trick' with his assistant Muriel, a mannequin.

Dec remarked from the sidelines as the hapless trickster struggled: "It's all going terribly wrong, isn't it?"

However Scott then stunned the judges by turning the mannequin into a real life assistant before everyone's eyes.

Scott and the very real Muriel got four yeses through to the next stage.

Britain's Got Talent 2016 auditions continue Saturday nights on ITV.

Browse our gallery of tonight's BGT auditions below...

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