Former Britain's Got Talent contestant appears on Judge Rinder

judge rinder

A former Britain's Got Talent contestant was in the dock on Judge Rinder this week.

Singer Paul Manners was on BGT last year but was taken to Judge Rinder's TV court by his own dad.

Derek Manners had demanded £4,000 from Paul, saying he had originally loaned his son the money for a singing career.

Derek explained how he had given Paul the cash to help his music following the death of his wife, Paul's mum.

"She was wonderful, a very supportive, loving mother. When she died I took up the reigns," Derek told the court. "We were married 32 years.

"Before she died she told me, 'support him as much as you can'."

Paul added in what was an emotional episode: "I miss her to bits. My mum always said I had a musical ear."

However Judge Rinder, which airs on ITV, dismissed the claim as the money had been seen as a gift rather than a loan.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper after the show, Paul said he planned to pay back his dad anyway.

"It would be nice to pay my dad back, he's always been there for me, he explained. "I got upset when my mum was mentioned - it wasn't about the money.

"I do a lot of charity work for cancer charities since my mum died from cancer of the abdomen.

"She was always there for me throughout high school and college - she bought me my first proper keyboard back in 2000."

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