Crossbow act Ben Blaque explains why he auditioned for Britain's Got Talent


Britain's Got Talent's crossbow act Ben Blaque says he auditioned for the show because he loves England.

The US performer, who previously appeared on America's Got Talent, turned up on our version of the series at the weekend.

He got Simon Cowell up on stage and involved in his daredevil audition which included an impressive series of crossbow trick shots.

Explaining just why he chose to audition for BGT, Ben said: “I love England and I wanted to have a chance to showcase my act to the whole country.

"I also wanted to have a chance to personally perform in front of Simon. I was nervous facing the Judges, Simon - of course for obvious reasons - and then the very beautiful Alesha and Amanda. I was very happy to have such a great outcome and felt very blessed to have done well enough to get the four yeses. Especially from Simon.”

Speaking about calling upon Simon as part of his audition, Ben confessed: “I was nervous he might say no to helping me.

"Maybe it was better he didn't know what I was going to have him do before I asked him on stage.

"But that was the first time I used a human being on stage to do that part. He did amazing and was a very good sport and I feel very blessed to have him as a part of it.

"But, I will probably never do that again with someone there ringing the bell. He never said anything to me about getting injured but I think the look on his face said it all!”

Chatting to the official BGT website at, Ben concluded: "I would feel so blessed to have the opportunity to perform for Her Majesty. I couldn't think of a better opportunity.

"I feel blessed to have done as much as I've done so far. Even if I didn't make it through (to the next stage), I feel happy to have done this much.”

Britain's Got Talent continues Saturday night on ITV with more auditions.

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