Gatis Kandis RETURNS to Britain's Got Talent despite making the live shows previously

Gatis Kandis Britains Got Talent 2016

Gatis Kandis has made a return to Britain's Got Talent, despite already making it through to the live shows in 2012.

Gatis, originally from Latvia but now living in West London, proved a hit on the show previously for his unfunny funny jokes.

Speaking at his audition back in 2012, he said: "At the gigs I've been doing already people usually laugh, but sometimes I get heckled and it's painful.

“And sometimes they're just quiet which is just as awful."

He added: "I am looking forward to seeing Simon Cowell, and I heard that Carmen Electra is here today too.

"The other two judges… I don't know them. I didn't know about David Walliams."

On stage and it Gatis' gag were branded "absolute rubbish" by Simon Cowell but he ended up getting into it.

"You're the funniest, unfunny comedian," Simon concluded.

"It was so bad it was actually brilliant," agreed David Walliams.

Gatis got three yeses - with Alesha saying no - but he went on to make the live semi-finals before being eliminated in the public vote.

This year, Gatis has returned with some new material and got FOUR yeses.

"I absolutely love you," said a won over Alesha.

"You're the only comedian who's ever made me laugh. Your jokes are so stupid, they are actually funny," commented Simon.

So Gatis is through once again, but will he go on to make it into the live shows for a second time?

BGT continues Saturday nights on ITV with Britain's Got More Talent on ITV2 straight after the main show.

Watch Gatis' new audition below...

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