Britain's Got Talent 2016 week four recap: All the results of the latest auditions

The Blue Bag Lady

Britain's Got Talent 2016 headed in to its fourth week of auditions tonight with a CROSSBOW-wielding daredevil, a lady in a blue bag - and a guest appearance from David Walliams' MUM.

Kathleen Williams stepped in for Simon Cowell when he ran late for filming - but she proved to be even more harsh than Mr. Nasty, buzzing all but one act.

When he did eventually show up, Simon got roped in to risking his LIFE for a dangerous stunt - but thankfully he lived to witness a child singer that moved Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, and had Ant and Dec reaching for the Golden Buzzer.

Here we've rounded up all the highs and lows from tonight's episode...

The Yesses

Sam and Hector (4 yesses) - This gymnastics duo, aged 14 and 12 respectively, kicked off the yesses by being the only act to win over the hard-to-please Kathleen. She called them "absolutely fantastic" after Hector performed a series of tricky handstands on Sam's HEAD. David added: "You’ve completely blown us away."

Sam and Hector
Sam and Hector on Britain's Got Talent

Vox Fortis (4 yesses) - Simon made it in to work just in time to hear Vox Fortis, a male classical vocal group who describe themselves as "five very different voices coming together to give you a new sound". Alesha was particularly impressed, saying: "I just wrote down 'very manly'! Your stage presence is very powerful, I feel like you knocked me out with your vocals."

Ystrad Fawr Dancers (4 yesses) - This group of 13 female and 3 male latin dancers from South Wales wowed the judges with their moves - but Simon wasn't as pleased with the mashup of Michael Jackson hits they performed to, particularly the "awful sped up version of Bad where he sounded like Mickey Mouse!"

Spartans Gymnastics (4 yesses) - Fife's Spartans performance squad donned gladiator garb while demonstrating their "different kind" of gymnastics. "It’s like Game of Thrones with crash mats!" joked Amanda - but although Simon liked them, he had one note: "There was a little too much general jumping in the air."

Richard Bayton (3 yesses) - Simon instantly recognised Richard, having buzzed the admin assistant when he last auditioned two years ago. He failed to change the mogul's mind after singing a medley of pop hits - but the other three judges put him through anyway. Alesha praised him for doing a Nicki Minaj rap, while David exclaimed: "You can put a smile on the face of the nation!"

Richard Bayton
Richard Bayton on Britain's Got Talent

Shannon and Peter (4 yesses) - Married ballet dancers Shannon and Peter moved the judges and won rapturous applause from the audience with their emotional routine. "That has really touched me, I’m so choked up," Amanda gushed, and Alesha added: "You told a real love story, and it was so sophisticated and elegant." Their proud ten-year-old son even ran up on stage from the audience to give them a hug.

Ben Blaque (4 yesses) - American daredevil Ben had Amanda holding her breath when he pulled Simon up on stage for a dangerous crossbow stunt. Ben blindfolded himself and set off a chain of shots - with the last arrow going through an apple above his head. He left with four yesses for his "unbelievable" act - but David complained: "You had an opportunity to kill Simon Cowell and you blew it!"

Jasmine Elcock (Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer) - Jasmine, a 14-year-old student, was super-nervous to meet telly icons Ant and Dec - but she really made an impression on them, as after she won a standing ovation and reduced Alesha to tears with her piano cover of Cher's hit 'Believe', the Geordie duo emerged from backstage to hit the Golden Buzzer.

Simon was thrilled with their choice, telling Jasmine: "You know what, at one point I was losing the will to live thinking maybe all the talent has gone, and now you come out, such a great voice, so charming. I think this country's going to fall in love with you."

The Nos

The Blue Bag Lady (4 nos) - Literally a lady in a blue bag, the Blue Bag Lady walked out on stage in silence because she prefers to express herself via "other means". It's a good thing the bag hid her real identity, as her bizarre dance routine was dragged by Kathleen: "I thought it was nice music ruined by stupid movements!"

Carl and Tim (4 nos) - In one of the oddest Britain's Got Talent auditions ever, Carl and Tim mimed a game of tennis to their own sound effects. We think Kathleen spoke for everyone when she said: "It was a bit dull."

Jeong Joon Park “Joony”
Jeong Joon Park “Joony”

Jeong Joon Park (4 nos) - Korean singer Jeong, a.k.a. 'Joony', performed his own original song 'Hello London' - but it left Kathleen a bit concerned. "You didn’t look very happy when you were singing. Were you annoyed about something?" she asked.

Vertical Daze (4 nos) - Father-daughter duo Hazel, 25, and Dave, 46, tried to tell the story of Peter Pan through the medium of pole dancing, but the confused judges buzzed them off. "I didn’t get what it was about," admitted Alesha, while David said it "wasn't the best version of Peter Pan" he'd ever seen.

John Romero (4 nos) - Amanda was quite taken with John's lederhosen, but not by his accordion performance, which earned him four buzzes. Ant and Dec enjoyed it though - the former even suggested it was worthy of a Golden Buzzer!

James Hazell (4 nos) - James only got through a few lines of his rendition of Chicago song 'All That Jazz' before he was buzzed off stage, with Alesha describing it as "horrific".

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