Britain's Got Talent 2016 results recap: Who made it through in week three?

Latest acts include an operatic drag queen, a head-standing piano player and a DINOSAUR

Bespoke Candi on Britain's Got Talent

An operatic drag queen, an impressionist and an Irish school choir are among the acts that made it one step closer to the Britain's Got Talent live shows in tonight's third auditions episode.

A dance group led by a DINOSAUR divided the judges, impressing Simon Cowell - but failing to win over Alesha Dixon.

There was also bad news for a forgetful Elvis impersonator and a hula hooper - but one singing couple did win the third Golden Buzzer spot of the series from David Walliams.

Read on for our full round-up of the week three results.

The Yesses

Ruby Murry (4 yesses) - This drag queen (real name Tom Lee) served the judges some opera realness with his stellar rendition of Nessun Dorma. "What a surprise, you sang so brilliantly!" cooed Amanda Holden, while David joked: "If only Pavarotti had dressed like that!"

Colin Henry (4 yesses) - Retired 68-year-old Colin surprised the judges when he did a HEAD STAND as he played his piano. Simon praised him as "old school, fun and cool", while Alesha said she didn't see the gymnastic twist coming.

RUBY MURRY on Britain's Got Talent
RUBY MURRY on Britain's Got Talent

Bespoke Candi (3 yesses) - Three of the judges were captivated by this fire-breathing dance group's Stone Age-themed performance, which came complete with a dinosaur - but Alesha was left "confused" and even hit her buzzer. "What is confusing about that? They’ve got a dinosaur, what more do you want?!" Simon incredulously replied, calling their routine "imaginative".

Craig Ball (4 yesses) - Impressionist Craig had to talk himself in to trying out for BGT, but it turned out to be a good move, as the judges loved his performance of Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball' in the voices of Elmo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Stewie Griffin and more. David called it a "brilliantly original way to do impressions".

Presentation School Choir (4 yesses) - Simon may have taken a shine to choirmaster Veronica McCarron, but he was equally as impressed with her 57-strong group of girls and their performance of 'Adiemus', complimenting their "fantastic"choreography. Amanda added: "It felt so emotional seeing all of you as young women together with your leader. Ronnie, you rock!"

Lisa and Chris Pitman (4 yesses) - Lisa and Chris made a bold statement by introducing themselves as "the world's most powerful couple", and backed it up by smashing their way through 1,000 tiles in an incredible display of strength. Alesha was impressed, proclaiming: "Forget Kim and Kanye!"

Lisa and Chris Pitman on Britain's Got Talent
Lisa and Chris Pitman on Britain's Got Talent

Dmitry and Kseniia (3 yesses) - This engaged couple showcased their blend of dance and acrobatics. "Your relationship is destined to last forever!" claimed Alesha, who called them "cheesy, wacky and quirky" - but Simon gave them a no, describing their dancing as "terrible".

Ian and Anne Marshall (David's Golden Buzzer) - To mark their 44th wedding anniversary, Ian and Anne took to the BGT stage to tell the world how they feel about each other by singing the Great Gatsby version of Beyoncé's 'Crazy in Love'. David begun shaking his booty next to Simon - and he was so thrilled he even stood up on the judges' desk to slam the Golden Buzzer with his foot!

"I think you really are the spirit of Britain's Got Talent," he said. "You have this beautiful relationship, and you picked a Beyoncé song for no apparent reason!"

Even Simon - who's never been a fan of the comedian's, er, unusual Golden Buzzer picks - was happy, reacting: "Actually, for once, I get it!"

Balance (4 yesses) - 17-year-old Taylor Goodridge, a.k.a. Balance, made the crowd chuckle with an amusing dance routine that incorporated a parody of BGT sensation Susan Boyle. Simon gave him two thumbs up, and Alesha remarked that he "brought the energy the room needed".

Kathleen Jenkins (4 yesses) - Nervous Newport cleaner and part-time singer Kathleen took to the stage with her extremely supportive dad watching from the wings - and he welled up with pride when her 'Wild Horses' was met with a standing ovation. David wanted the world to hear Kathleen's "God-given talent", and Simon was thrilled to find someone who's "just got it", praising her tone and control.

Steve Singh on Britain's Got Talent
Steve Singh on Britain's Got Talent

The Nos

Steve Singh (4 nos) - Elvis impersonator Steve missed the first line of 'Hound Dog', and went quiet again when Amanda and Alesha buzzed him. He tried to recover his audition by getting up on the desk for 'Suspicious Minds', but it wasn't long before David and Simon also awkwardly reached for their buzzers.

Geoffrey Payne (4 nos) - Geoffrey said his act was something that's "never been done" before, but his odd hula hoop dance earned him four buzzes. Amanda said it "wasn't exciting enough", and Simon chided: "I didn't understand what you were doing from the minute you walked on."

Emma Winter (2 nos) - Emma, a student teacher that co-runs her school choir, admitted she was "really scared" to sing for the judges - and unfortunately she didn't hit the right notes with her version of Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud'. "Your voice is lovely, very sweet, but the whole thing felt under par," commented Amanda, while Simon "didn't hear anything distinct" in her voice.

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