Britain's Got Talent's Richard Jones has big plans for the live shows

Richard Jones

Britain's Got Talent's super magician Richard Jones has big ideas if he makes it through to the semi finals.

Richard stunned the judges in last Saturday night's episode with his mind reading trickery that left Simon Cowell declaring him a REAL magician.

Recalling his audition with the panel, Richard confessed it was very risky but glad it all worked out on the night.

“Although I know the Judges love magic, they also love to pick people apart, so I was really careful when choosing what to perform," he said. "There’s always potential that something could go wrong, that’s what makes it so exciting. I love working under pressure, I work better under pressure.

"What I did was quite risky in itself, I could have made it easier with cards… but I know there’s been a few card magicians over the years. I wanted to avoid that at the early stages and do something a little bit different. I went out on a bit of a limb, but I think it paid off."

Chatting to the official BGT website at, Richard confessed he was especially keen to impress Simon.

"I was obviously a little bit wary of Simon as he’s said before that he doesn’t really like magicians that much, so I was worried about what he would say," the soldier explained. "I was just hoping that I would get a good response from Simon, just because I know he’s a difficult cookie but he gave me good comments, which is what I wanted. They all gave me good comments, so I was really chuffed.”

Richard now has a wait until deliberation day at the end of the auditions to find out if he's made the cut into the semi-finals.

If he does get through to the live stages, Richard has something "completely different" lined up and will link it into his day job.

He teased: The skills I’ve developed over the years through the army are a completely different type of skill to what other magicians will have, so I want to use as many elements from my training, military wise, into my act and combine it to make it completely new and give people a fresh look on magic.

"For the Semi-Finals, if I get that far, it will be the pinnacle of my life probably.”

Britain's Got Talent 2016 continues Saturday night on ITV with the latest auditions.

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