Britain's Got Talent's Wayne Woodward unimpressed by his own audition

Wayne Woodward

Britain's Got Talent singer Wayne Woodward didn't rate his own audition at the weekend.

The Danny Dyer sound-a-like surprised the judges with a cover of Frank Sinatra to win himself four yeses through to the next round.

But Wayne, work currently works as a builder in-between gigging, didn't think he was that good

"I could have sung better in the show," he told Good Morning Britain earlier today.

In a chat with DigitalSpy later on, Wayne continued: "My personality pulled me through that audition.

"I think it pulled me through. I'm critical of myself, but I thought I sounded pony on the day.​"

Wayne declared that he had a lot more to come and that the judges "haven't seen nothing yet."

"I was just enjoying being up there," he recalled of the audition last Saturday night. "I could have sung something ten times better.

"And there are so many other songs in my repertoire that I could have sung.​ So many strong songs under my belt.

"And that song is one that's known by people. But I could have come out with a very strong song that people wouldn't have known. So I wanted to keep it familiar for people. And it was Sinatra's 100th anniversary last year."

If Wayne does get through to the live shows he's promised more of the same.

"Swing's probably my genre that I'd like to stick to. That's the reason why I picked Britain's Got Talent, because I think on the other shows they have themes every other week," the 20-year-old explained.

Britain's Got Talent 2016 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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