Britain's Got Talent magician Richard Jones wants to read the Queen's mind


Britain's Got Talent magician Richard Jones says he hopes to read the Queen's mind if he wins the show.

Richard stunned the BGT judges in last night's show with a 'mind reading' magic trick.

Simon Cowell concluded: "You can do things with your mind that make you special, I believe in all that stuff, I actually do believe in magic."

Now through to the next round and one step closer to the Royal Variety Show, Richard says he'd love to read the mind of the QUEEN.

“If I was allowed to choose which royal to mind-read it would have to be the Queen," he said. "I could do it from the stage if she was in the royal box but I probably wouldn’t be allowed - because she’s the Queen.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the soldier told how he had previously seen Her Majesty while in his day job, training at Windsor Castle.

"I’ve never had the chance to meet her personally,” he explained. “But it would be great if she came and said hello on one of the big parades, like the Royal Windsor Horse Show which is also in May. You never know, she might come over and say she recognises me. That would be great.”

While Richard hasn't had the chance to test his magic out on any of the Royal Family just yet, he has been tricking his his colleagues.

“Every time I had a tiny bit of opportunity I’d be trying out new tricks on the other guys to try and keep morale high," he explained. "I hope they thought it helped them through the training. It helped me anyway.”

While Richard says he "loves" his career in the army, the potential of a full time job in magic could persuade him to quit.

He said: "It has always been another ambition of mine to have a stage show somewhere and perform as a solo magician. So if this takes off and I did really well it might be a good time to start considering going down that route.”

BGT airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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