Magician tried to TRICK Britain's Got Talent 2016 judges in to pressing the Golden Buzzer

Cheeky Jim Everett hoped to send himself straight to the live shows

Jim Everett

A crafty magician attempted to TRICK the Britain's Got Talent 2016 judges in to pressing the Golden Buzzer for him on tonight's show.

Back for its third series this year, the Golden Buzzer guarantees a place in the live semi-finals to whomever it is pressed for.

And retired army man Jim Everett tried his very best to land one of the lucrative spots by demonstrating a magic trick that involved the panel slamming their hands down at speed.

Fully aware that show hosts Ant and Dec also get to use the Golden Buzzer, cheeky Jim even dragged them out from the rafters to the judges' desk in a bid to maximise his chances.

"I’ll be placing this Queen of Hearts face down on this handkerchief, because the act is called 'Abracadabra - Where Has the Queen of Hearts Gone?'," he explained.

"As soon as you hear that, you bring your hand down sharp."

As they all said the magic words, Jim placed the handkerchief on the Golden Buzzer - but nobody went to hit it.

The 67-year-old egged David Walliams on, but the comedian was having none of it, responding: "Yes, I’m not pressing that dear!"

A slightly baffled Simon Cowell asked: "Hang on, what was the trick?"

Realising his plan had been foiled, Jim admitted: "That was the surprise, to get you to press the Golden Buzzer."

Needless to say, he was sent on his way with four nos - although we admired his effort!

Amanda Holden recently predicted that a magician will be crowned this year's Britain's Got Talent winner.

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