How did he do that? Britain's Got Talent magician stuns with mind reading trick

But how did Richard Jones do his magic trick?

Richard Jones stunned the Britain's Got Talent 2016 judges with a mind reading magic trick on tonight's show.

Richard is a 25 year old soldier from Essex, who’s been in the army for the past 5 years.

He said it's always been a dream to perform on the Royal Variety Show and meet the Queen, and his trick got him one step closer to that goal.

Richard begun his illusion by stepping down to the judges' desk with a sealed gift for the judges, placing it in front of Simon Cowell.

He then gave Amanda Holden and David Walliams a note book each, one filled with celebrity names and another filled with drinks.

Amanda and David were told to pick a name and drink respectively before discarding the books.

Richard then went on to read Amanda's mind with a touch of the finger, resulting in an electric shock, before an over the top reveal saw him create an origami portrait of David Beckham, sure enough the celeb she had chosen.

The David Walliams revealed he had chosen a cup of tea as the drink, resulting in Richard to reveal what had been in the gift all along... a can of soda.

But it wasn't an awkward mistake, as Richard appeared to heat up the can before pouring out a warm cup of tea for David.

"How the hell did he do that?!" reacted Simon Cowell.

"I had no idea how you did any of that and we had the best view in the house," added David.

Amanda Holden branded it "amazing as Simon claimed it was REAL magic.

He concluded: "You can do things with your mind that make you special, I believe in all that stuff, I actually do believe in magic."

With four yeses, Richard made it through to the next stage of the competition.

Britain's Got Talent airs Saturday nights on ITV with the latest auditions.

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