Britain's Got Talent 2016 week two results recap: a gospel choir, a mind reader and an 8ft tea lady

Who won over the judges in the second episode?

Katy & Paul

A projection dance crew, a mind-reading magician and an, er, tea lady on stilts were among the acts that took to the Britain's Got Talent 2016 stage in tonight's second auditions episode.

After Beau Dermott won the first Golden Buzzer from Amanda Holden last week, Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon ended up fighting over it this week when a gospel choir brought some soul to the ITV talent contest.

They were also impressed by a surprising swing singer, a moving performance from a young ballet dancer, and an acrobatic duo that wowed the room with their mid-air moves.

It wasn't all good though, as there was also a trio of magicians whose underwhelming tricks had the judges reaching for their buzzers, and a game of Name That Tune that didn't go to plan.

Here's our round-up of all of tonight's results.

The Yesses

Bill Brookman (three yesses) - All eyes were on United Nations aid worker Bill when he came out to perform his one-man band act on STILTS - and he almost toppled when Simon pressed his buzzer. However, the other three judges were thoroughly entertained and gave him the three yesses he needed. "You’re exactly the kind of British eccentric we love on Britain’s Got Talent," said David Walliams.

Roberto Carlos (four yesses) - Roberto's family have been juggling for four generations, but that didn't stop Simon from buzzing as soon as he dropped one of his balls. However, the grumpy media mogul changed his mind after the Mexican entertainer begun juggling them with his mouth.

Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos on Britain's Got Talent

Katy and Paul (four yesses) - The crowd were screaming for Katy and Paul after their seriously impressive acrobatic performance, which won them unanimous praise. David was shocked that Katy had a day job in healthcare: "It’s hard to believe that you don’t actually do this full-time. If Katy’s ever at work and unavailable Paul, I’m here!"

Jack Higgins (four yesses) - 14-year-old Jack, who attends a performing arts school, won a standing ovation from the audience for his "moving" ballet dance. "It felt really authentic and genuine. This is what you’re supposed to do," said Amanda, while Simon offered words of encouragement when he revealed he'd been bullied: "Bullies don't like it when you do well."

Fair Play Crew - This six-strong Polish dance crew had the room chuckling with their amusing video game-themed routine.

Another Kind of Blue (four yesses) - This breathtaking act saw dancers Antonio and Violet interact with graphic projections controlled by Davide, the brain behind the group, and his two assistants. "That was so beautiful to watch, really imaginative, and I feel this is the kind of act that has no limits to what you can do," gushed Alesha.

Wayne Woodward (four yesses) - Cheeky chappy Wayne, who begun singing at a young age in his dad's pub, took the theatre by surprise with his performance of 'The Way You Look Tonight'. Simon thought there were points where he "lost his way", but Alesha loved his "effortless charm". "You're going from Sutton to Las Vegas!" exclaimed David.

Wayne Woodward
Wayne Woodward on Britain's Got Talent

Richard Jones (four yesses) - Army man Richard went to the judges' desk for a magical mind reading trick. He correctly predicted that Amanda was thinking of David Beckham by cutting the footballer's image in to a piece of paper, before producing a piping hot cup of tea for David from a sealed can of fizzy juice. "We came so close to a magician winning last year, you have every chance in the world," Amanda commented.

100 Voices of Gospel (Alesha's Golden Buzzer) - This choir, featuring a hundred people of 20 different nationalities, aim to spread a message of love -and the judges loved them just as much, as their roof-raising performance of 'This Little Light Of Mine' won Alesha's Golden Buzzer, much to the chagrin of a slow Simon. "No, no, no, I wanted them! You beat me to that! That is so annoying, I'm so irritated that this one got to that buzzer before me," he fumed.

"There are literally no words that I can use right now to describe the feeling you gave everyone in this room," Alesha said.

The Nos

Jake Rothman (four nos) - Jake challenged the judges to guess what song he was playing on his self-built theremin, an electronic musical instrument. His versions of the Coronation Street theme tune and Edelweiss didn't sound anything like the originals - although host Dec did eventually recognise Amazing Grace.

Jacob Hirst (four nos) - Civil engineering student Jacob has a passion for opera, but his high-pitched performance of Nessun Dorma left the panel wincing, with Simon remarking that he sounded like a baby.

Bridie the Tea Lady - 8ft tall comedy character Bridie's dream to serve tea to the Queen was sadly dashed after the judges buzzed her off stage.


Jon Hebden (four nos) - Jon demonstrated his own brand of 'bizarre magic', but a dangerous trick involving his hand and a spike fell flat, earning him four buzzes.

Jim Everett (four nos) - Naughty Jim tried to dupe the judges in to pressing the Golden Buzzer for him with his magic act - which he named 'Abracradabra - Where Has the Queen of Hearts Gone?' - but unfortunately for him it backfired.

Mel Harvey (four nos) - Mel performed a trick involving a £20 note, but Simon compared him to a "really bad" magic act he'd seen at a kids' party when he was aged seven. "I remember you at the party," joked Mel.

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Britain's Got Talent 2016 continues next Saturday at 8.00pm on ITV.

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