Connie Talbot wants to perform on the Britain's Got Talent live shows

Connie Talbot bgt

Britain's Got Talent's Connie Talbot says she'd love to return to the show as a guest performer.

The singer wowed us all a decade ago now when she was an adorable gap-toothed six year old.

Auditioning for judges including Simon Cowell during the first ever series of BGT, Connie gave a stronger performance than many of those older and more experience have failed to match even to this day.

Simon told Connie she was "fantastic" after reducing Amanda Holden to tears with a cover of Over The Rainbow.

Following the final, Connie was quickly signed and released a few albums as a youngster.

Now she's 15 and has a new album - Matters To Me - out now, featuring original tracks she's helped to write as well as covers including Katy Perry’s Roar and The Rembrandt’s I’ll Be There For You, aka the theme tune from Friends.

Speaking on Loose Women today, Connie revealed she probably wouldn't audition for the show again but would love to make a comeback at the live finals later this year.

"Probably as a guest that would be amazing, but probably not as a contestant no," she said.

Currently studying for her GCSEs, Connie went on to say she finds watching back her now infamous audition cringeworthy.

"​It's embarrassing, when I hear that chipmunk voice…" she confessed. "I sounded like a chipmunk!"

You can buy Connie's new album now.