Beau Dermott was rejected by Britain's Got Talent judges last year

Beau Dermott

Beau Dermott was rejected by the Britain's Got Talent judges last year, it's been claimed.

12-year-old Beau belted out out Wicked's Defying Gravity to stun the panel and live audience on Saturday night's first show of this year's series.

"Oh my God, you were so, so, so amazing. I am so excited for you, you were brilliant," gushed Amanda after hitting the golden buzzer, sending Beau straight through to the live shows.

"We were not expecting that," declared Simon Cowell. "That's how you do it."

"Everyone else might as well go home, you're incredible," concluded David Walliams.

However it's now been said that the judges had seen Beau before, although not Simon who was off ill at the time.

The Sun reports that the panel at the time said no to Beau in 2015 in an audition that didn't make it to air on ITV.

"It's hard to believe someone as talented as Beau was turned down," a source told the newspaper.

Despite being naturally gifted, young Beau has come under attack from some press because of past experience in local talent shows including Halton’s Got Talent and Warrington’s Got Talent, as well as daring to have singing lessons.

But a spokesperson for BGT hit back at the ridiculous stories, saying: "Just because Beau has had singing lessons, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get nervous when performing as was stated on the show.

"Adele, who is the biggest selling artist in the world, suffers from nerves when performing, so it’s not surprising to think that Beau would as well, especially given that she is a 12-year-old schoolgirl."

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