Britain's Got Talent's 'awful' ventriloquist hits out at the show

Britain's Got Talent ventriloquist

A 'flop' ventriloquist on Britain's Got Talent has hit back at the show, accusing show bosses of ruining his act.

Anthony Galvin appeared on Saturday night's episode under his stage name of Tony Baloney.

But the ventriloquism with dog Leroy didn't impress the judges, with all four buzzing him off shortly after the performance began.

Now Tony has claimed that producers had head-hunted him for the show before changing his act.

“I auditioned as a magician but they wanted the ventriloquism which wouldn’t be my strong point," Tony explained. “I won the Irish Magic Championship four times and that is something I have been doing for 40 years.

“The ventriloquism is a new thing, it is a tough skill to master and maybe next year I would have been ready to do it in that competition.

“I knew I wasn’t ready but for some reason I decided to go for it anyway.”

Tony went on to tell the Irish Mirror newspaper: “It was the first time I had ever been in a talent show - in fact I had never even seen Britain’s Got Talent until they approached me and asked me to enter it.

"The producers have their own ideas and their own agenda and if somebody was doing it I would advise them to be very assertive. I should have insisted on sticking with the magic."

A spokesperson for Britain's Got Talent responded to Tony's claims in the newspaper, saying: “Tony’s initial first round audition featured both ventriloquism and magic.

“Ahead of his audition in front of the judges he was asked to shorten the length of his act as due to time constraints acts are asked to keep their performances around 2-3 minutes in length.”

BGT continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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