Britain's Got Talent's Beau Dermott gets invited to Wicked

Beau Dermott

Britain's Got Talent's Beau Dermott has been invited to visit the West End production of Wicked following her audition at the weekend.

The 12-year-old singer wowed the judges in Saturday night's opening show and had Amanda Holden pressing the golden buzzer.

Beau belted out out Wicked's Defying Gravity to stun the judges and live audience.

"Oh my God, you were so, so, so amazing. I am so excited for you, you were brilliant," gushed Amanda after hitting the golden buzzer, sending Beau straight through to the live shows.

"We were not expecting that," declared Simon Cowell. "That's how you do it."

"Everyone else might as well go home, you're incredible," concluded David Walliams.

The youngster has now been offered the chance to visit the West End production of Wicked, with Beau revealing: “Wicked have invited me down. Being involved in it in some way would be a real dream come true."

She added to The Sun: “On a scale of ten, how excited am I? Ten! I would have to pinch myself if it happened. I’d like to play Elphaba. I’ve seen it five times. It’s my favourite.”

Her dad also told the newspaper: “If Beau could get a part in Wicked that would be out of this world.

“For them to take notice of this little girl singing one of their songs, it’s amazing.”

Meanwhile there have been tabloid claims turning on Beau, with one report branding her a "stage school pro with five years of classes".

However a spokesperson for the show played down the story, saying: “Beau had singing lessons once a month for the past four years with StagePro.”

Britain's Got Talent auditions continue Saturday nights on ITV.

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