Can Beau Dermott WIN Britain's Got Talent? Amanda Holden hopes so!

Beau Dermott

Amanda Holden has got no regrets about pressing her golden buzzer on Britain's Got Talent so early.

12-year-old Beau Dermott WOWED all four of the judges on the show last nigh with a powerful cover of Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Amanda hit her golden buzzer for the youngster just a few acts into this year's auditions.

Now looking back, Amanda says she think she made the right choice.

"I am a real sucker for kids and for musical theatre. She came on and she sang Defying Gravity from Wicked, which is an incredible musical," recalled Amanda.

She explained: "I kept thinking that I really wanted to press my buzzer but we had only been doing the show for a day, we were in Liverpool and we had everything ahead of us so was this going to be the right thing?

"It was my heart telling me to do it, you can let your head interfere with your life all the time, I don’t and I am always in trouble because of it, I listened to my heart and pressed the buzzer and I don’t have any regrets."

Amanda did however admit: "I have to say there have been a number of times since that I have gone, ‘Oh my god, I would have pressed my buzzer for that’ because it’s been an incredible year"

And she teased: "Alesha’s buzzer could win the show, it’s amazing."

Right now, Beau is the bookies' tip to triumph ahead of the other acts that featured in last night's opener but of course we're only the one show in.

Britain's Got Talent auditions continue Saturday nights on ITV.

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