Stripper stuns the Britain's Got Talent 2016 judges

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A male pole dancer stunned the Britain's Got Talent 2016 judges at auditions this year.

The performer wowed the panel with his 'Chinese Pole' skills.

Eddie impressed the judges as he climbed up and down the pole, eventually taking off his top and pouring a can of diet coke of his torso.

Because why not?

Alesha Dixon told him: "That was very impressive."

Amanda Holden reacted: "It's like your made of wood"

To which David Walliams quipped: "Well one part of him is!"

The comic added: "I thought it was fabulous, maybe the trousers could come off next time"

But Simon wasn't won over, giving Eddie a no: "I don't think I'm necessarily your audience for this, I thought it was a bit low rent if I'm being honest for you."

However with yeses from the other judges, Eddie made it through to the next round.

Another act who split the panel were violin duo Momento made up of Jonathan Chan and Jan Bislin.

After their performance, David remarked: "It was wonderful to see two young men fiddling together, I think it worked very well," while Amanda branded it "sexy"

Simon complained: "I don't think I could've listened to another minute of that, I found it quite painful."

The musical pair got the three yeses they needed to make it into the next stage.

Britain's Got Talent 2016 auditions continue Saturday nights on ITV.

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