Simon Cowell is back to being 'Mr Nasty' on Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell

While he says he's softened, Simon Cowell is apparently just as nasty as ever on Britain's Got Talent 2016.

The reality telly judge will be back this Saturday night as auditions for the new series kick off.

And Simon's fellow BGT stars have warned that he won't be holding back.

David Walliams revealed: "He has been pretty mean this year and pretty cutting.

"Sometimes we’re sat there going, ‘Oh no, he’s not going to say that is he?’. It’s really awkward. The brilliant thing about Simon is that he always speaks his mind but sometimes it’s awkward sitting there when he really destroys someone or there might be a father and son singing act and he wants to split them up."

However the comic, who is back on the show alongside Simon for the fifth year, continued: "The thing is he’s normally speaking the truth, that’s the thing, nine times out of ten you are sitting at home agreeing with him. He’s saying what you would like to say but are too polite to say.

"But because he’s usually mean to people, when he does like an act it creates a really joyous moment because he withholds his praise."

Host Ant added: "Simon is Simon and is always just honest with what he thinks.

"He certainly isn’t afraid to press his buzzer if he’s not impressed and this year is no different."

As for Simon himself, he says he's just doing the right thing.

“I see clips from the earlier shows sometimes and I’m like ‘Maybe I was a little hard on those people’, but if you’re going to judge a show, you’re going to judge a show," the music mogul explained. "There’s no point in telling someone you like it if it’s terrible."

Britain's Got talent 2016 kicks off this Saturday night on ITV from 7PM.

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