Britain's Got Talent 2016 judges bet on their golden buzzer acts

Golden buzzer

The Britain's Got Talent judges and hosts have been betting on this year's golden buzzer acts.

Each of the judges, plus Ant and Dec, have once again been able to choose one act from the auditions to go straight through to the live shows.

And it's been getting very competitive between them over who has backed the best.

"I wouldn’t say it’s a friendly bet but we do all have a bet with each other," David Walliams revealed. "We have all put in £50 and if one of our Golden Buzzer acts wins then we’ll take all the money in the pot. I guess if not then we might get the money back or it may mysteriously disappear!"

Alesha Dixon added: "I didn’t make up these rules but it went from 50p in a bucket to a fiver and now we’re at £50.

"I said, ‘Should we give the money to charity?’ and the rest of them said, ‘Nah, let’s put it behind the bar!’. So there you go."

The singer went on to suggest: "My money is on Ant & Dec’s Golden Buzzer act or mine, but then that’s the thing I love, you just don’t know. As much as I wouldn’t have pressed my Golden Buzzer for David’s act, they are brilliant in their own way so the public might love them. So we’ll have to wait and see."

Meanwhile Amanda claimed she was behind the ever increasing prize pot, explaining: "I upped it! ‘Let’s put a fiver in a pot’ said Ant & Dec, they are so tight! I said, ‘A fiver? That’s not going to change anything! Let’s do £50’.

"Then they were like, ‘Shall we give it to charity?’ and I went, ‘No! Let’s go to the pub! Whoever wins gets the drinks in!’"

But David doesn't think anyone will actually get to enjoy the money.

"We’ve never had one of our Golden Buzzer acts win," he pointed out "I don’t think anyone has successfully predicted the winner, it’s very hard, it’s much more open than people think. Even in the year everyone thought Susan Boyle was going to win, she didn’t, so it’s one of those shows where anything can happen."

You can find more about the golden buzzer acts the judges chose HERE with the auditions beginning this Saturday night on ITV.

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