Britain's Got Talent 2016: There is a POLAR BEAR on this year's series...

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There really is quite a bit of EVERYTHING on Britain's Got Talent this year.

The new series kicks off at the weekend and you can expect the usual line up of singers, dancers and whatnot.

But there are some acts taking things to a whole new level.

One of the auditions includes a polar bear and a 'dinosaur'.

"It didn’t go down too well with me but everyone else loved them," Alesha Dixon revealed. "I don’t know what my problem was that day but I wasn’t feeling the dinosaur and I wasn’t feeling the polar bear. To me it was just ludicrous.

"It was like there were two different things going on on stage, the act was pretty bad anyway and then they shoved this massive dinosaur on stage thinking it was going to save the day. It’s hilarious when I think back."

Meanwhile Ant and Dec can't wait for us all to see a sword swallower.

"I’m not sure if his act was more surprising or shocking or terrifying but it was certainly the most dangerous act we’ve got on the show this year," Dec said.

Ant added: "I can’t wait for viewers to see that audition. Or perhaps you’ll only partially see it because you’ll be hiding your face behind a cushion!"

Other acts have included a tortoise, a one man band on stilts, archery with a difference and a magician smashing phones - including Simon Cowell's.

Oh, plus some strippers who went down VERY well with Amanda Holden.

"There is a lot of flesh this year on Britain’s Got Talent, we do like to provide the flesh, we do like to give the ladies and the men that little moment," she said. "It’s quite nice during an audition day when someone comes on, takes their top off and they have a lovely little six-pack there for you to stare out.

"We had two guys that stand out, they both did something quite sexy but they are brilliant at what they do. The six-pack was just a bonus."

Britain's Got Talent 2016 starts this Saturday night on ITV from 7PM.

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