Amanda Holden once went on a date with Simon Cowell

simon cowell amanda holden

Britan's Got Talent judges Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell previously enjoyed a date together, it's been revealed.

Amanda made the confession that she once spent an evening with Simon "a very long time ago" when they were both single.

However it wasn't the start of a blossoming relationship with Amanda bailing at 10:30PM.

She revealed in a chat with the Daily Mail newspaper: "A very long time ago, when we were both single, we went out on a date.

"But I pre-ordered a cab to come and get me at 10:30pm, which made him laugh and he never forgot that."

Amanda went on to claim that she didn't think Simon ever really liked her 'in that way'.

She said: "Simon always tells people he hired me because he fancied me but that's absolute nonsense. He doesn't go for blondes."

Amanda and Simon will be back together on the Britain's Got Talent panel when the new series kicks off later next month.

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