Britain's Got Talent's Amanda Holden only expected to last a year

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Amanda Holden has revealed she only expected to last one series on Britain's Got Talent.

In the year that she celebrates a DECADE behind the judges' desk, Amanda has confessed that she'll be forever grateful to Simon Cowell for giving her the opportunity, however much it pains her to say it.

"I went into it thinking it would be one show and that was it. I never expected to love it as much as I do," Amanda admitted this weekend.

In a chat with the Daily Mail, Amanda thanked Simon for "making people like me" after she became a bit of a public enemy following an affair with Neil Morrissey while married to Les Dennis.

Amanda explained: "The reason why I will be forever loyal to and forever friends with Simon is that by him giving me that job on Britain’s Got Talent, I got to be myself on television and people could judge who I was and make their minds up for themselves.

"I had a terrible image, and while it didn’t stop me working as an actress, BGT completely changed that"

Speaking ahead of Britain's Got Talent's new series starting next month, Amanda continued: "Simon always tells me he is responsible for making people like me. Of course I hate him saying that, but it’s true."

Amanda also revealed that she and Simon even DATED... the once.

The pair had the one meal together but nothing more, with Amanda quipping: "Simon always tells people he hired me because he fancied me but that’s absolute nonsense. He doesn’t go for blondes."

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