Britain's Got Talent audition secrets revealed... by Vince Venus

vince venus bgt

Britain's Got Talent act Vince Venus has revealed just how his record breaking brief audition came to air on the telly.

Vince, a character of TV presenter and and Radio DJ Guy Lloyd, says he only ever made it onto the show by chance.

Helping out the show's team scout for talent in Brighton, Guy ended up auditioning himself for the show as Vince.

On his official website, Guy explains how he filmed a number of performances to send to producers and was asked to create a song list of possible tracks to sing for the judges.

But he explained: "Their number one song choice was different to mine. They wanted ‘I want to break free,’ I wanted those fat bottomed girls. I relented but as the former was my weakest vocally, I increased my monthly singing lessons (see former blog) to weekly sessions. If I was being set up to fail, I wanted to at least spring a surprise on them."

Come his audition in London back in February, Guy told how he really had spent some 14 hours waiting around.

"I had nine hours of intense interviews, staged pieces to camera, chats with producers, chats with other contestants (my favourite bit) and a lot of sitting around," he said.

When it came to the performance itself, the judges weren't interested and that was even before he had sung, according to Guy.

"I stepped out in to the spotlight and an excited ripple went through the audience but the look of utter disdain from the judges faces, was obvious. They wanted to go home," he recalled. "I strode up to the mic, did a few strokes of air guitar (UK Champion) and sang my first line. Before I’d started the second, all four buzzers went, almost simultaneously before Walliams’ said, ‘are you having a laugh?’ Well yes, I would have, if you had given me a minute or two. "

However despite the rather disappointing and abrupt end to his BGT 'journey', Guy added: "Overall, it was a great experience and fascinating seeing the workings of the biggest show on telly."

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