Britain's Got Talent: Ant and Dec left NAKED by Hypnodog in unaired audition clip

Britain's Got Talent's Hypnotising dog made Ant and Dec naked in an unaired part of its audition.

Krystyna and Hypno dog Princess have revealed how much of the antics that went on during their try out were cut from Saturday night's show.

And scenes left on the cutting room floor included seeing Ant and Dec becoming naked... sort of.

Rather than getting the Geordie duo to strip, Hypno dog instead had members of the audience hypnotised to believe the pair were walking - and even jumping - around with no clothes on.

Krystyna revealed to us how one of the crowd goers in particular got rather angry with Ant and Dec whilst under Hypno-dog's spell.

"She went 'I can't look, it's disgusting', she went mental, she went backstage and was really shouting at them," Krystyna told us this week. "[She told them], 'I watch this programme, I used to love you, my children watch this and you're here naked!'"

Meanwhile, Krystyna teased that should she and Princess make the live shows then they've got something "spectacular" to wow the judges with.

"Obviously all they've seen so far is an introduction to princess hypnotising people, they've not really seen the funny stuff that we do," Krystyna explained.

You can watch our full interview with Krystyna (and a sleepy Princess) above.

BGT continues on Saturday night on ITV.

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