Britain's Got Talent 2015: Henry Gallagher to ask out his 'Lightning girl'

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Britain's Got Talent star Henry Gallagher has said he plans to ask out his mystery girl.

We saw 12-year-old singer-songwriter Henry wow the BGT judges with an original song at the weekend about a classmate he has a crush on.

His annoyingly catchy track Lightning prompted online social campaign #FindHenrysGirl to uncover the identity of the mystery girl Henry was singing about.

However other than revealing it's someone he goes to school with, Henry's staying quiet.

“It’s only my mum who knows who she is," he said at the weekend. “She has told me to ask her out. Before I was like, ‘No Way! and now I’m like ‘Maybe!’"

Henry, who heads back to school this week added: "Hopefully I will have the girl by Tuesday. Fingers crossed."

He continued: “Amanda said I’d get her in two seconds, but I’m still a bit shy. I’m confident on stage, but I’m not as confident off stage, especially with girls.”

And Henry quipped he may turn to Simon Cowell for dating advice, saying: "I’ll maybe ask Simon. That would be sick."

Meanwhile, the youngster has told how he already has a SECOND SONG about the girl if she says yes to going out with him on a date.

Henry explained: “I’ve liked her for probably like a year. She is always in a really good mood. I have never seen her be not happy and she is just so pretty, she is just amazing.

“I’ve got a new song, it’s called Best Thing Ever. It’s about the same girl. It’s about if I was going out with her and how I’d feel.”

The Britain's Got Talent 2015 auditions continue this weekend on ITV.

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