Britain's Got Talent fix! Bosses hit back at claims against latest acts


Britain's Got Talent bosses have had to deny a number of 'fix' claims after the weekend's latest auditions show.

The first comes from Henry Gallagher's audition after eagle eyed viewers noted how the capo on his guitar seemed to jump about from shot to shot.

It prompted some to suggest that Henry had performed his song more than once for the judges but BGT chiefs have denied the claim.

A spokesperson said: "Henry performed his song only once during his audition and sang and played his guitar live, moving the capo mid song.

"As with all performances Henry’s act went through normal editing procedures hence the capo appearing to move."

The second of the latest fix allegations aimed at the show is about magician Jamie Raven.

This one is after it was revealed he had previously performed his close up tricks at an event with Simon Cowell.

However Jamie has insisted that while they were both at the event they never met.

"I was doing magic for the guests. I was wandering around the tables," he recalled. "I didn't do any tricks for Simon that night, though."

He added: "On the day I had my audition that was the first time I met Simon. I'd never been closer to him than across a busy room so I don't think he'd seen my act that night."

A Britain's Got Talent spokesman commented: "While Simon was at the event he didn't meet or see any of Jamie's tricks, nor was he aware of the connect when he did meet him at BGT. the first time he saw Jamie's magic was at his BGT audition."

So that's that all sorted.

The Britain's Got Talent 2015 auditions continue this weekend on ITV.

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