Britain's Got Talent 2015: Jamie Raven reveals he snubbed the show previously


BGT Magician Jamie Raven has admitted he turned down the show in the past.

Last night saw the close up trickster wow Simon Cowell and the other judges to score four yeses through to the next round.

But Jamie admitted he has said no when asked to audition for the series in the past over fears he'd look "foolish".

He told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: “I’ve been asked in previous years. But I was worried that if I went on and they didn’t like it or I looked foolish it would undo the work I spent building up my reputation.

“It is my work and my magic career is something I’ve made. It’s not like I could go back to another job. It would have affected what I love.”

Meanwhile it's been revealed that another act from Saturday night's auditions, 9-year-old martial arts pro Jesse-Jane McParland, is set for stardom on the big screen.

Her mum Sinead McParland, who couldn't make the audition in Edinburgh, has explained: “She got flown over to Hollywood for the Martial Arts Kid with big names in the sport.

“She’s just been picked now for another one set in Ireland called Awakening, starring Zac Efron. It’s being shot in July. And she’s set to be in another one produced by a US company, which we don’t have the name for yet."

Sinead told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “She’d love to be like Jackie Chan - we’re getting a lot of approaches about her. But she’s still very humble.

“We’d love her to earn millions one day from being a big movie star. As long as it’s what she wanted and that she’d look after her sisters with money."

BGT continues next Saturday night on ITV.

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