Britain's Got Talent 2015: Secret behind Jamie Raven's magic trick revealed

Here's just how it was done, apparently.


Here's the secret behind Jamie Raven's incredible card trick on Britain's Got Talent, but it may disappoint you.

This weekend we saw close up magician Jamie put on quite the show with two very impressive tricks.

The second had Simon Cowell declaring he had seen 'real magic', saying: "It's not a trick, somebody once said to me that there's a lot of people who do tricks and there are a lot of people who can do magic and I think we just saw that."

Just like the judges we were left rather stunned by just how he did it but the supposed revelation isn't all that interesting we're afraid.

After a tip off in our mail box it turns out that the animated card reveal is just a standard shop-bought trick.

And it can be yours too for just £8.99 (plus postage and packaging) from Amazon right here.

The description for the trick deck explains: "The Magician on the deck of cards comes to life and finds any chosen card!

"Trick can be repeated over and over again."

And the deck even comes with step-by-step directions and tips and a link to a free demo video so you can see just how it's done and learn it yourself.

So sorry to say Simon, while there may be real magic out there it isn't here!

Here's a video explaining precisely how the trick is done, so don't watch if you don't want to know!

The Britain's Got Talent 2015 auditions continue next weekend on ITV.

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