Britain's Got Talent 2015: Simon Cowell insists talking dog was REAL

bgt talking dog

Simon Cowell has insisted that the talking dog on Britain's Got Talent last night was REAL.

Frenchman Marc Metral and his gorgeous dog Wendy wowed the music mogul with their chatter and even SINGING.

Simon said: "It is quite obvious the dog is talking and miaowing, but David [Walliams] was convinced it was its owner.

"David is such a party pooper – when we find something unique that the world’s never seen, he pops the balloon. He’s become more dark."

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Perhaps the reason why Simon is convinced Wendy really is a talking dog is because he ended up being HYPNOTIZED by another dog during auditions earlier this year.

Simon told TV Magazine: "That was a very strange sensation. Look, I don’t know whether it was the trainer or whether it was the dog, but it was the weirdest feeling. It’s all on tape.

"I do start yawning and feeling very light-headed. My last memory was the dog staring at me – and I love dogs – with this really weird look. Then the next thing, this girl is saying: “Five, four, three, two, one, wake up."

Amanda Holden added: "He looked into your soul, Simon. It was bizarre but also brilliant because we all renewed our contracts for next year. He wrote a cheque out for me, so I’ve paid off my mortgage."

Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday night on ITV.

Watch our recent chat with Simon below!

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