Britain's Got Talent 2015 set to be a "bonkers" year

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It's set to be a "bonkers" year on Britain's Got Talent, the show's judges say.

Acts that we'll see going before the judges include everything from typical singers to a dog that has the power to hynotise humans.


"He can!" Simon Cowell insists; "I can’t give too much away, but yes I did go back to my desk and had a little sleep. It was rather nice actually."

Alesha Dixon revealed: "It hypnotised the audience, and Ant and Dec and Simon. He definitely seemed to fall asleep at the desk. It was weird – the dog definitely had something eerie about it."

David Walliams joked: "I thought he’d either had a very late night with Sinitta or the dog really did hypnotise him."

This year's contestants also include a magician who dreams of sawing Sheridan Smith in two, a dog on a skateboard and one act that we can't even begin to describe.

Says David: "There was a burlesque dancer who asked all us judges to staple playing cards to her skin. I wasn’t sure that was the sort of act that’s going to wow people at the Royal Variety Performance."

Simon said of the weird, wacky and wonderful acts: "I think that’s good. The worst that could happen would be that we turn up to auditions and everyone is normal. That would be a disaster for the show.

"Obviously, you could make this show really serious by putting really boring people on there who are all perfect. But no one would watch it! I wouldn’t watch it."

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Simon said: "Yes you want the truly jaw-dropping singers – the Susan Boyles, and the heart-warming moments – but you also need the acts where we the judges sit back and think, 'When and where did you decide to come up with this act?' It has to be crazy. It shouldn’t be a worthy show. The day that I produce a worthy show is the day I should retire."

The Britain's Got Talent 2015 start date has been confirmed for April 11, this Saturday night.

Browse pictures of some of this year's stand out acts below...

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