Britain's Got Talent 2015 judges prepare for new series and Simon Cowell's upset!

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The Britain's Got Talent 2015 judges are preparing for the show's return - and Simon Cowell's still upset over David Walliams' NTA gong.

David beat Simon to be named the Best TV Judge at the National Television Awards earlier in the year and it seems the accolade has gone straight to the Little Britain comic's head.

"[Simon] said he was going to ask for a recount," David said. "I loved winding him up, saying that I got 98 per cent of the vote, Cheryl got 1 per cent, Mary Berry got 1 per cent and he got zero.

"He’s got ten million Twitter followers but he still couldn’t get them to vote for him, so what does that say? That they follow him just out of ghoulish fascination?"

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper this weekend, David claimed: "He was genuinely upset about it. He’s very competitive, and really competitive with me for some reason.

"Even though we have very different lives, and he’s about a billion times richer than me, he’s still in competition."

Simon declared that losing to David was "one of the worst nights of my life," explaining: "I mean, people were coming up to me afterwards with that horrible patronising air saying, 'Oh, it’s good for Britain’s Got Talent, though, isn’t it, that David won?' No! It’s terrible for BGT.

"His ego was huge to start with. Now it’s blown up to volcanic proportions."

The Britain's Got Talent 2015 start date has been confirmed for next Saturday night at 8PM.

Watch our chats with the BGT judges at this year's auditions below...

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