Britain's Got Talent 2014 finalists: Who's in the final? Meet the Top 10 acts!

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Here's a run down of just who's made it into the BGT 2014 final following this week's live shows.

A total of ten acts - including a magician and violinist - have made it through to next week's grand final over the past six days.

But the judges added an extra wild card act today, choosing impressionist Jon Clegg to join the final line up.

Meet the top eleven BGT finalists below!

Britain's Got Talent 2014 finalists

Bars and Melody
BAM have only been together a short while, but have already begun writing songs together. The boys blew the judges away with their own composition of ‘Hopeful’ (originally by Twista ft. Faith Evans) with lyrics they wrote from their own experiences of bullying. They reduced the judges to tears and with encouragement from the audience Simon pressed his Golden Buzzer.

Lettice Rowbotham
Lettice is an electric violinist who decided she wanted to play the violin at the age of three. Lettice has gone on to become a full time musician. Her flawless audition stunned the judges and the audience, as she confidently performed a mix of contemporary tracks, using her electric violin. The judges also praised her cheerful, warm personality along with her unquestionable musicality. Amanda said Lettice “had me at hello” and Simon told her “I will remember you, coming away from this”.

The Addict Initiative
The Addict Initiative performed a fusion of theatrical and commercial dance with strong narratives throughout their routine. Many of the members are full time dancers, whilst others study dance or have normal jobs. They enjoy choreographing unpredictable routines designed to shock the audience. Their audition was incredibly intense and energetic leaving the audience both in shock and awe. All the judges acknowledged the intensity and Simon thought it was “really clever”.

Lucy Kay
Lucy is a student, living in Glasgow. She has a very close relationship with her mum and they’ve grown closer since Lucy had to leave her school because of bullying. Lucy finds solace in operatic singing and she moved the judges with her extraordinary vocal performance. Simon acknowledged Lucy’s troubled past saying “some of the best singers, sing through pain” and Alesha recognised Lucy has “a gift”.

Darcy Oake
Darcy is a professional magician from Canada and began his magic career at the age of 10. He stunned both the audience and the judges by performing the seemingly impossible. Winning over the judges with his incredible illusions, Darcy received four yeses and a standing ovation from Alesha, Amanda and David. Amanda stated that she’d “never seen anyone that good before”, which was supported by the other judges who thought Darcy was the best magician they’d ever seen on BGT.

Despite Collabro having only been together for one month they blew all of the judges away with their performance of Bring Him Home. Alesha described it as one of the strongest auditions she had seen and Simon was left shocked by their talent saying ‘I thought it was going to be awful’. They went through with four big yeses.

James Smith
James has been involved in the performing arts since a young age. He performed his own take on Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’, wowing the crowds and the judges, while his endearing, cheeky personality shone through throughout his performance. As the crowd got behind him, he became more confident and Simon described his audition as ‘one of my favourite auditions so far’. Alesha claimed James is ‘industry ready’ and David loved his choice of song.

Yanis Marshall, Arnaud & Mehdi
The group met at Yanis’ dance classes in Paris and have become great friends ever since. Their main artistic influences include Madonna, Prince and Beyoncé. They impressed the judges with their slick dance routine to a medley of Spice Girls classics and they performed with a great confidence that got the whole audience up on their feet. Simon said ‘on paper, this sounds hideous, yet it kind of worked’ and Amanda said ‘you utterly sold it to us!’

Paddy and Nico
Paddy was born in Stourbridge but is now retired and lives in Spain. She started dance classes at Nico’s dance academy and one year later they teamed up and began doing their Acrobatic Salsa act. She left the judges astounded as her feet barely touched the floor during her audition. Amanda pressed her golden buzzer for Paddy and labelled her ‘inspirational’.

Jack Pack
This swing band made up of Alfie, Adam, Andrew and Sean really impressed the judges with their performance of the classic Frank Sinatra song ‘That’s Life’. Alesha took a particular liking to Alfie describing his voice as ‘the cream in the coffee’.

Jon Clegg
Jon Clegg has his father to thank for his performing background as he previously appeared on the ITV show ‘New Faces’. Jon made all the judges roar with laughter throughout his performance. As well as appealing to Simon’s love of cartoons by impersonating Marge Simpson, Jon successfully mimicked Alan Carr, Louis Walsh and bravely, Simon Cowell. Simon loved it, particularly Marge Simpson and Amanda thought it was “spot on”. Jon was delighted that he’d impressed the judges, particularly as his father, a past impersonator, was sat in the audience.

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