BGT 2014: Does Bars and Melody's Leondre have a crush on Lucy Kay?!

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It seems that one half of BGT favourites Bars and Melody have a little crush on another finalist!

Leondre admitted that fellow contestant Lucy Kay was stunning and beautiful, despite being more than 10 years older than him!

He said: "I reckon Lucy Kay is my favourite... I love her, she' stunning, she's an amazing singer.. she is a very beautiful girl."

Unfortunately for poor Leo, Lucy has a boyfriend... and plenty of other male admirers too.

She told us: "I've had male attention... someone actually sent me a picture of him with no top on and a rose in his mouth saying 'Good luck for tonight' and I was just like... 'Thanks... '"

On her boyfriend, Lucy added: "I don't think he knows! Well, he does now!

"I did say on Britain's Got More Talent that my heart is for a Scottish man and I think he felt quite touched that I said that."

Meanwhile, BAM weren't given ANYTHING away on their plans for the final when we caught up with them.

They said: "It's a secret! It'll be better that way"

Watch our full chat with Bars and Melody below...