Who's on Britain's Got Talent 2014 tonight? Second semi-final line up!

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The line up for tonight's second Britain's Got Talent 2014 semi-final has been confirmed!

Yesterday evening we saw Collabro and Darcy Oake become the first acts to win a spot in the final in last night's Britain's Got Talent 2014 results.

But who will be joining them? Here's who's performing in Tuesday night's second BGT semi final!

Who's on BGT tonight!

Kony Puppets
Kony has been a full time puppeteer for 4 years and makes all his puppets in his workshop. As a child, Kony loved to play with puppets, only realising his calling 20 years later. Wowing three of the judges with his puppet Beyoncé performance, Simon wanted Kony to remain invisible throughout the performance, to create a complete illusion. Disagreeing, Alesha thought it was “brilliant” and David went as far as saying “if Beyoncé is late for one of her gigs, you could take over!”

Ed Drewett
Ed Drewett’s musical career originates in song writing and, after writing bestselling hits for two of the biggest boybands in the UK, it is his time to shine. The judges loved Ed’s song and performance. Amanda commented how ‘gutted’ she was that Simon wasn’t there to witness his moment.

BoldDog FMX Team
BoldDog are a freestyle motocross display team. They are from all over the UK and have been together for ten years. At their outdoor audition the judges were left terrified but wanting more after observing them perform their extreme, daring and dangerous motocross tricks.

Mini Moves
Mini Moves have all been dancing as part of the same dance school since they were 3. They practice 4-5 times a week and their influences include Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. They received mixed responses for their performance to Move by Little Mix along with their afro hair. Although Alesha loved the hair, Amanda felt they were “cooler than that”. Simon decided to say no to the group but the other judges disagreed with David saying “you are definitely memorable”.

SweetChix are made up of five girls who have been dancing together since the age of four. The girls are all good friends and describe themselves as very ‘Essex’. Their performance impressed the judges and Simon could see “potential”. Their Essex roots didn’t go amiss with David who highlighted their use of fake tan. The judges praised their strong use of harmonies.

The Addict Initiative
The Addict Initiative performed a fusion of theatrical and commercial dance with strong narratives throughout their routine. Many of the members are full time dancers, whilst others study dance or have normal jobs. They enjoy choreographing unpredictable routines designed to shock the audience. Their audition was incredibly intense and energetic leaving the audience both in shock and awe. All the judges acknowledged the intensity and Simon thought it was “really clever”.

Jodi Smith
After Jodi’s audition got off to an unsteady start, she ended up winning over the judges with her rendition of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’. Although Simon wasn’t initially impressed by the song choice, all the judges got behind Jodi’s performance and her showmanship as she addressed Simon’s critique.

Ricky K
Ricky K has been performing comedy for 14 years. His comedy routine was based on the story of when he met his girlfriend in a nightclub 2 years ago. His combination of dance and comedy mime impressed the judges and his personal connection with the routine shone through. Despite “dreading it”, Simon surprised himself by “laughing out loud” and Amanda thought it was an “innovative act”.

James Smith
James has been involved in the performing arts since a young age. He performed his own take on Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’, wowing the crowds and the judges, while his endearing, cheeky personality shone through throughout his performance. As the crowd got behind him, he became more confident and Simon described his audition as ‘one of my favourite auditions so far’. Alesha claimed James is ‘industry ready’ and David loved his choice of song.

Who you do you think will be going through? Tell us your favourties in the comments!

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