Britain's Got Talent 2014: Crazy Rouge hit back at complaints!

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Saucy BGT 2014 act Crazy Rouge have hit back at their critics after their audition aired at the weekend.

The scantily clad group of Burlesque performers took to the stage during Saturday’s latest round of try outs.

Crazy Rouge performed a French burlesque dance act to Feeling Good by Escala to get four yeses.

David Walliams told the group: "Oh there’s something for everyone on this show.”

Amanda Holden added: “You’re all absolutely bloody gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. I could watch you all day.”

And Simon Cowell quipped: “It was very Vegas, very old school, it was a spectacle..

"I’ll give you a million pounds if you can guess David Walliam’s search history tonight.”

But this being Britain, some viewers weren't too happy with the act.

One moaning mum complained: "This is how young children begin to think that ‘sexy’ is the answer.

“It normalises this ­behaviour if children see it on family shows.

"I want my daughter to be a lady not sleazy.”

But Crazy Rogue member Steph branded the comments "cringe" and hit back: "We are dancers!”

A spokesperson for the show backed the group, adding: "As a family show we always make sure any acts shown are suitable viewing.”

Britain's Got Talent continues on Saturday nights on ITV.

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