Britain's Got Talent 2014: Funny Simon Cowell steals David Walliams' limelight

Simon Cowell (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

Simon Cowell is proving the funnyman on Britain's Got Talent 2014 and David Walliams isn't happy!

But Simon's other judges are a bit suspicious about his new found humour, with Amanda Holden claiming that he's hired a script writer.

She said: "Simon is being a bit funnier than David this year. I was thinking, ‘Has he got a scriptwriter?’ You can’t normally top David.”

David complained that Simon had been out to top him at every opportunity during filming this year.

Speaking at auditions for the show in London this week, David explained: "Simon’s got really cocky because he’s impregnated a woman. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it — it’s been quite a low-key story.

“He is making jokes the whole time and it’s becoming very annoying. He’s not funny — he’s funny peculiar, maybe."

The Little Britain comic continued: "If I make a joke, he has to make one better. If I get on the stage, he has to get on the stage.

“He got up so a child could throw knives at him. But unfortunately, the child missed.”

Alesha Dixon added: "It’s a role reversal. David is serious and Simon thinks he’s funny.

“Simon has turned into a bit of a comedian and David doesn’t like it.”

But David has already planned to get his revenge come the live shows where Simon won't be able to edit anything out.

"For the auditions, Simon can just go and snip things he doesn’t want. But in the live shows he can’t. That’s when I get my revenge," David warned.

BGT will start in the Spring on ITV.

Browse pictures of the judges arriving in London for the latest audition show below…

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